Saturday, August 28, 2010

What day is it again?

I just finished reading about thirty some odd pages from my Howard Hughes bio and I am about to fall asleep. Work wasn't even that stressful, but I am exhausted immensely. Reeses Pieces Puffs are an excellent late night snack by the way. No writing today. Was too tired and just wanted to relax and not do anything. I was speaking with me mum about how I always feel the need to write when I'm not working, well I suppose I should rid myself of that philosophy or I am going to burn myself out on writing. I really want to sleep in until kingdom comes tomorrow morning, but church calls and I must go. It would be so much easier on my mind if I was a full time writer, but tried that once already and it didn't pan out very well financially so here's hoping to the future. And my work week is half over! And then I get to start it all over again; this seems so awfully familiar.

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