Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday at Last.....!!!!

Well my work week is finally over and now I have three days off. Work actually went well today, but I didn't write or even have time to read until about 9pm. I made snickerdoodle cookies with cut up pieces of Milky Way in them (turned out really good) for my writing group for the SEDs at my place of employment. We're doing a series on types of fictional genres and today we discussed the Fantasy genre. It was nice that they paid attention, mostly without any difficulties, and they found everything that I was saying interesting, or at least pretended. It's always a nice feeling of accomplishment when one is able to teach something to a child or children who is (are) appreciative, yet can be very hard to manage at times.

Now comes the three days of writing, although I don't know how intense it is going to be. It was a long work week, but no rest for the wickedly creative.

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