Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elusive Rest

Even though it is my first day off since Friday of last week (I worked a double that day), I still found myself working. Yes I did write today, but very little in comparison to what I was hoping to accomplish. That was due to me catching up on a little relaxation, and my roommate unfortunately has two incredibly irritating and energetic friends spending an extraordinary amount of time here. Both are about 20 and albeit are fairly respectful that they aren't in their own place and rather polite and amiable, but it puts a dampner on my creative talent when I am trying to write and three giddy boys are playing shoot em up games on the X-box with really loud sound. I could go on and on with my complaints, but what would that accomplish. In another week (God help me) I will be rid of them, at least my roommate better hope to God that they are gone.

I was able to get some more of my Book III outline written, but I was really hoping to finish it tonight. The storyline for my last book in the trilogy is shaping up well, and the ending should be intriguing. I also wrote a film review of The Pianist and posted it on my website: www.escapistnow.com
I think for the rest of the night I'm going to just chill and eat some more of the delicious pizza I ordered from Pizza Hut (their new Big Italy Pizza is amazing, especially for the price.)

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