Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Saturday.

On this innaugaral debut of this blog, I have decided over the past few weeks to write about why I don't write. You see, being a writer that works sometimes over 40 hours a week with severely emotionally disturbed (SED) children, I don't always have the energy to write something creatively productive. Sure I am a very disciplined man, but there's something more relaxing such as watching an episode of Dexter after being bitten and kicked (in rather uncomfortable areas) by a belligerent head case who is almost nine of years of age at work all day, than sitting down in front of a screen and typing out some serious work for my second book, my website, or other ideas that I am penning along with research for other projects as well. My social life (the little one a busy writer such as I can have) also tends to be something I would prefer to partake in than stay at home and rummage through pages and pages of edits.

Thus, rather than write something...well creatively productive every day, I am going to write why I have or haven't written. For example, today at work the SED's (the client population that I work with; that's how I'll refer to them) were pitching fits left and right. One was upset that he had to stay in his room because he was barfing sick, the other one didn't want to take a shower after he wet his bed (soaking wet mind you), and the other one didn't get to pick the channel on the television. The SED's ranted and raved over trivial things like this all morning. Therefore, upon arriving home I cooked myself some dinner, read the Wallstreet Journal, and after that watched The Pianist (which was an excellent film). So there it is, but I suppose in my line of work (mental health) those behaviors are to be expected. Tommorrow probably won't be much better, but hopefully the SED's will be more...calm.

Here is to writing about why I don't write. Hope all of you enjoy.

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