Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost there....

...One more day and it is my Friday, as everyone else on average begins their work week. The only thing that I wrote today was an incident report at work because a client well...did something that he shouldn't have to say delicately. My day essentially began by waking up and thinking that I was going to church but noticed that I had a missed call and voicemail. Upon hearing the message, I discovered that they wanted me to come into work early to help out. So I rushed myself together and headed on over. God apparently wanted me elsewhere in the morning, and it worked out that as soon as I stepped into the cottage a SED was attacking a staff. So I helped "deal" with the situation and eventually (long while later) the SED calmed down and we got on with the day. My whole work day was 10:10am-11pm; talk about a long day. So I think that it was okay that I didn't write anything fictional today. Now I am going to drink the rest of my coke, finish eating my strawberry/bannana yogurt and watch some Farscape.

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